Happiness. Not just a state of mind. It’s a state of being. Anyone can be in it. In fact, you should be in it. All the time. These are the things that make me happy: Licking an ice-cream on a hot summer day.  Gulping down a cold beer after a tough summer hike. Volunteering to teach maths to deprived kids. Taking a ski lift to the top of a mountain and screaming “YESSSS!!!”.  Lifting weights regularly. Monologues with my dog. Do they make you happy? Then do them ! After spending half my life in various pursuits, I’ve learnt to be happy. A trip to Hana stirred up a powerful but long dormant desire to write. Travel, money, food, exercise are all fair game as long as they make me happy. One life. One time. Too short for regrets. Too short for unhappiness. Leave a comment, let us know what makes you happy too. Maybe we can mix our recipes and create greater happiness. Life live, jump in joy. Aloha and Mahalo !

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