The many wonders of Hana

Of all the waterfalls we saw, the Wailua Falls is the biggest and easiest to spot from the highway. Access is unfortunately over some pretty rough terrain. The short 30sec hike from the freeway is right next to the bridge. However the trail is dangerous. The rocks that form much of the trail are muddy and slippery. There are no guard rails. Near the end of the trail there is a big rock. The best photos are taken on the bridge with the person in focus standing on the rock.

The biggest waterfall we saw on the road to Hana


The Wai’anapanapa black sand beach just after the 32 mile marker is spectacular. The deep shade of true pitch black would turn any TV screen or computer monitor designer green with envy.

Black Sand Beach
Crystallized black lava.


The sights don’t stop at Hana. We saw many unexpected but spectacular sights on the road from Hana to Wailea . Here is a double rainbow that we saw next to a little church in Kipahulu.

Make a wish. Wait, make that two !
The little white church

Then landscape opens up near Kaupo and we see fantastic lush green rolling hills rushing to meet the deep blue ocean.

The entire are was magical at sunset as the golden sun painted everything with a magic golden yellow.

Heaven on earth
Superb sunset.