9 reasons to visit Hana, TODAY !

  1. Its America folks ! We have the same excellent amenities, high standards of hygiene, infrastructure, familiar language etc. that we all enjoy in this country. There are no hassles of international travel like passports, navigating road signs in foreign languages, worrying about terrorism, strange food or surly immigration officers etc to deal with. There’s even a Costco and Whole Foods.
  2. Compared to many South American countries who have most unfortunately succumbed to the Zika epidemic, Hana does not have any case of locally infected Zika:  https://www.cdc.gov/zika/geo/united-states.html . Therefore even if you get bit by the mosquitoes, don’t worry. Hana can provide you the with the tropical jungle experience right here in the USA, minus the tropical diseases !
  3. Hana has a surplus of what we dearly miss in our routine everyday lives – a sense of wild thrill, a sense of adventure. Nearly every corner of Hana is has a new adventure in store. Most of the trails are not too easy but not too difficult either. As you strategize navigating yet another treacherous trail, imagine ourselves in the shoes of great explorers of years past (pun intended). And without fail there is amazing beauty to be seen at the end of every scintillating adventurous trail. Like ice cream after a hot & spicy meal, you will create unforgettable memories.
  4. If you or (your kids) just became a fan of Maui or Moana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79DijItQXMM , this is your chance to see and experience what its all about ! Can you imagine yourselves listening to the tale of Maui the demi-god, under starry skies by a cozy fire on the beach? Like it was passed on over generations, from the old and experienced to the new and young ?
  5. Depending on where you travelling from in the US (or Canada), the flight can be as short as approximately 5 hours.  Most airlines have flight timings so that you reach Maui in the evening, and depart late at night  – thus maximizing the time available for you to travel the island.
  6. Maui – a huge advantage of Hana is that it is a part of Maui. There is a mind-blowingly wide range of activities available on Maui. There is something for everyone to do everyday. The snorkeling in Molokai or Lanai is simply out of the world. The numerous beaches offer you broad choice – you can choose a crowded beach or an empty beach, a sandy beach or a rocky beach, a beach with calm waves or a beach with rough waves – its all available here. Similarly there is a huge range of accommodations and food choices available.
  7. Fresh papayas, avocados, pineapples : These fruits are available in abundance in Maui and to my tastebuds they tasted amazingly fresh and full of flavor – something I have always found wanting in the varieties available on the mainland.Right before departing Hana on our way back to Kaanapali, there is a little fruit stand squeezed between the Hana Ranch Restaurant and the Hana Gas station. This particular fruit stand has an amazing collection of fruits – the best we tasted in Maui. The girl in charge choose for us fruits with exactly the right kind of consistency. We liked them so much so that we had a whole entire lunch devouring just fruits from her fruit stand. She mentioned that they grew them in their farm just a few miles up the road. We did not get a chance to visit the farm, but the fruits were absolutely delicious.
  8. Waterfalls – did I mention waterfalls? There are many, many waterfalls in Hana. While many are visible and accessible to tourists, others are inaccessible due to private ownership or impossible terrain.  The sheer variety of waterfalls makes any visit to Hana worth it. There are beautifully lazy waterfalls quietly trickling over rocks, taking their time to reach the plunge pool below. They radiate spectacular, but a quiet, beauty. And then there are massive waterfalls announcing their presence with a thundering echo. These are majestic and awe you with their sheer size and power. Shower under a waterfall, jump into one of the plunge pools, like Ching’s pond, or just have a quite tasty lunch, or simply be creative, there are myriad ways to enjoy the waterfalls to the utmost.
  9. A proper vacation – If you’re like me and cannot help checking your smart phone incessantly for work or just to catch up, Hana will cure you of your addiction. Cell phone reception is very poor on most of the road to Hana. Therefore you will have the perfect excuse for a proper, mobile phone free vacation. In our ever-connected world, Hana is a rare sanctuary for internet addicts. In many Hana accommodations televisions and the internet are a rarity. Instead of complaining, enjoy the opportunity for some restful quiet thinking. Who knows, you might get the idea for the next Google or Microsoft ?

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  1. JSA said:

    Glad you enjoyed your visit. However, there are so many amazing places like Hana across the entire State that it would be hard to choose one.

    February 12, 2017

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