Venus Pool: A true gem !

Just after the 48 mile marker we hit fenced off green pastures on our left and residential compounds with very visible frequent NO PARKING signs on our right. We make a U turn and park on the side of the road next to the open pastures before the bridge. As we walk to the bridge we locate a small trail to our left. We have to hop over the side of the bridge to land on the trail. After a couple minutes we see this sign hanging of the fence on our left.

Warning sign. Go through this gate where the warning sign is attached.

The adrenalin rushes in. We must conquer nature’s challenge. No matter what lies ahead we shall see Venus pool today. Ignoring the sign, we march onwards and soon the grass is tall over our head, puddles of mud appear under our feet and we are on a downward slope. One minute we are under clear skies, the next minute we can’t see the sky anymore as a canopy of tall trees takes its place. Visibility reduces sharply, we can’t see more than a foot ahead due to dense vegetation. It feels as if we’re being eaten alive by the jungle all around us! However, the bush ends as quickly as it began and we see a dry stream bed full of big round greyish white boulders. There’s only a trickle of water flowing through, nothing to cause concern. The mosquitoes return with a vengeance. The kid gets bitten all over and pleads us to go back. We walk for a few smore minutes along the boulders but there is no pool in sight. No sign of any human voice either. Boulders follow boulders. Its official. We’re lost in the deep untamed jungle of Maui. We give up and return back through the jungle. By now the kid is screaming non-stop from the mosquito bites.

As we’re about to get into our car, we notice another couple emerge from the jungle. Willing to try one more time we request them for directions and they tell us that we should go “through” the warning sign, not “past” it !  Our daughter is prone to allergies from mosquito bites so we are concerned about whether she would require medical attention. Our brave daughter says she’s OK. A quick swig of water and we’re back to the warning sign. This time we pay careful attention.  There is a opening in the fence as 3-4 horizontal metal rods form a barrier to keep the cattle in. But the rods are spaced far enough for us to swing through. We go in to find more warning signs (yay ! – only in Maui do people rejoice on seeing warning signs !!) and a fork in the road. We can see the white boulders (again!) to the right, but fresh from our recent disappointment we decide that white boulders are bad news, and decide to take the path on the left. For the next fifteen minutes we walk through the knee deep grass and can soon see the ocean. It’s a majestic view – the huge green land blending into the inky dark ocean which in turn blends into the deep blue sky in the distant horizon. All splendid in their solidarity. While the scenery is excellent, it is clear by now that we were lost yet again ! The second time in under two hours !!

Time to test the proverb “third time is a charm !” Retracing our path, we go back to the fork in the road, pick the other road and head to the boulders. 10 more minutes of walking and the sound of splashing waters and giggling indicate that our pursuit is finally close by. We follow the trail through the rocks and Voila ! An amazing deep teal/blue/green pool welcomes us. The water is crystal clear. It is amusing to see teenagers climbing the rocks for their favorite spot to jump off, waving to their iPhone wielding friends, jumping in the pool, getting out after a short swim and rushing to climb the rocks again for another jump just to get that “perfect Facebook shot!”. We count at least 5 attempts from an industrious gentleman who aimed for perfection ! The mighty ocean waves are visible as they break at a distance but the pool is perfectly calm thanks to the perfectly sized and perfectly positioned rock formation that blocks the ocean waves just enough to create the perfectly colored and perfectly calm mini blue-lagoon.


Venus pool. Come on, jump in !


Amazing shades of teal, turquoise and blue

There is an abundance of joy everywhere. The happiness is infectious. We forget our two hours and two attempts in utter futility. Of all the many amazing vistas we were lucky to encounter on the road to Hana, Venus pool shall always occupy a big indelible place in our hearts not because it was the hardest to find but because of its sheer beauty. Even the kid calms down and forgets her itching. The mosquito bites have grown into big red quarter sized bumps. Disneyland maybe the “happiest place on earth”, but Venus pool is the “most delightful place on earth”. [TIP: Bring foldable chairs & beach umbrella with your sandwich lunch for a lunch with a view. If you hate sand, Venus pool is the perfect place for you. The rocks have little to no sand on them. There are plenty of rocks flat enough to plant your chair and umbrellas for a leisurely lunch in the awesome sun].