Red Sand Beach

There are many red sand beaches around Maui, but this one is epic. We use google maps to lookup our destination before taking off from our hotel in Hana. But we soon get lost and are circling the same Hana back roads over and over again looking for the elusive trailhead. Its almost an hour before we give up and head back to our hotel to request directions. Our very helpful hotel manager provides precise directions. The trail starts skirting the green lawn of the Hanna community center but soon slopes downward towards the ocean. We come across one of the, by now, ubiquitous warning signs hanging from a tree reassuring us that we’re on the right trail.

Warning signs everywhere

The path goes to a fork, one goes up and one goes down. We were instructed not to take the trail that goes but to pick the one that goes down. We soon find ourselves on a rocky foot trail cut into the side of a small hill. There is no barrier on the right, there is no beach in sight but the drop to the ocean is steep and rocky. We start clinging to the rocks and carefully place our feet in small sure steps so as not to fall. Its time for our 8 year old to amaze us. She knows no fear. Her low center of gravity ensures that she’s more sure footed than either of us. Her low weight means that the gravel under her feet is less likely to come lose and start rolling. We soon find her leading the way ! We walk for 20 more minutes on the unforgiving rock and soon find a view worth a million dollars. The beach is red ! The white surf of the blue of the ocean washes against the brown red of the land for an impossible contrast in colors.

Beautiful and empty at mid-day
Only in Hana

A couple of rocks stand against the open ocean completing a surreal landscape. The ocean is wild, the beach is calm and resolute. A few brave souls are swimming in the ocean enjoying the tamed down waves as they hit the rock barriers before reaching the beach. We hear the howling wing, but can’t feel it as we’re ensconced in a tight little cove.  There are only a few other people on the beach and we sit down for a light snack counting our blessings to have visited such a spectacular place on mother earth.

Painter’s paradise