Three Bear Falls, Hana

We see the three spectacular waterfalls from the highway between the 19 and 20 mile marker.

Picture: Three Bear waterfalls, Hana, Maui, Hawaii

However there are no parking spots. So we drive past the bridge, stop as soon as the road gets a little wider, wedge our car between the road and the jungle (there are no turnouts or parking spots) park and then walk back. The trick to reaching this falls is figuring out the first step. There is a dilemma to be solved. At the far end of the bridge (again assuming you’re driving around the island in clockwise direction) from where you see the falls, there are two narrow trails on either side of the bridge edge that go down to the stream bed. There’s a iron chain dangling in the right trail (when you walk back to the bridge its going to be on your left, but if you assume the driving direction it’ll be to your right) but the drop is steep and the ground is very slippery. The left trail does not have a chain, is still narrow & over slippery rocks but less steeper. At the time of our visit the trail without the chain certainly seemed a lot more easier and most people were taking this trail, but things might change. We head down, walk for 5-10 minutes on the stream bed, (if you get a toehold on the side of the stream take it) and reach the waterfalls. The 3 waterfalls are gorgeous & the pool is marvelous.

Marvelous pool under the Three Bear waterfalls

It feels we’ve reached the garden of Eden ! I can’t help wonder if any movies have been filmed here (a Google search reveals nothing yet!). Hollywood, are you listening ?